Introducing The FiLa

Introducing the FiLa brand

One of the leading and reputable brands of sports goods that we are going to introduce today is a brand called Fila, which has a power of about 108 years. With more than a century of experience, this brand has been able to be considered a well-known brand in the market of sports products and products and has attracted countless fans. Fila brand products are considered by tennis players and basketball players and all Fila brand products have a very high level of sales in Iran and other parts of the world.

Fila is one of the world’s largest and most well-known sportswear companies, founded in 1911 in Biela, Piedmont, Italy by brothers of the same name, the Fila Brothers. Products produced by the company include (sneakers, shoes, sportswear and fashion accessories).

History of the Fila brand


The Fila brothers, originally from South Korea, founded a fabric factory in the heart of Italy in 1911 and were able to achieve high sales by producing fabrics, knitwear and underwear. Due to the fact that they used quality and high quality materials in the production of their products, their products were known as luxury goods at that time, and therefore they were able to have many customers in the city of Bi La.

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