Posting Methods


Touch Purchase Speed

On normal days, the order will be shipped according to the following procedures. In special situations such as festivals or busy days such as March, depending on the method and place of receiving the order, shipping time may vary and may not be as per the following procedures.

Mamal with fast shipping and on-site payment conditions has provided you with different shopping fun. Express delivery is currently active in Arbil, but will soon cover other cities.


Orders will be delivered in Capital according to the timeframe customers choose when ordering. Ordering is also available on all days of the week and orders over $ 100,000 are being shipped free of charge in Capital.

Big Cities

Orders in Big Cities , according to the timeframe that will be coordinated with the customer by the Big Cities , will be the same day or the next day, depending on the time the order is registered.

Other cities

Orders can be submitted within 12 business days of Saturday to Wednesday, 3-5 days after ordering. Orders that are registered after 12pm or on Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays will be processed on the first following business day.


– Regarding the Express Delivery Service of Mamal online store, although order distributors have been delivering a large number of orders at the door, with the aim of facilitating the purchasing process and accompanying more customers, the order has since been delivered to the main door of the building. (To the street) will change. The reason for this decision has been to receive numerous complaints from building managers, some existing restrictions, and the avoidance of what entry can entail. These include laws governing personal and private property, common areas of apartments, and access to some residential, commercial, cultural or governmental areas.

– Free delivery only includes orders worth more than 100 dollar in Erbil. The cost of sending orders under one hundred dollar to Erbil locations is determined based on different locations.

– Shipping cost to other cities is based on postage tariff.

– If the order has been paid in advance, the owner of the profile or another person who has entered the name, address and telephone number of the owner to receive the order must have a valid ID card such as a national card when receiving the goods.

– It is necessary to check the number of order items with the invoice in the presence of order delivery colleagues.

– For speed and ease of handling customer requests for damage or physical defect, it is strongly recommended to check the physical and physical health of the goods received by the order delivery partners and to avoid delivery if there is a problem or problem. Obviously, the delivery of the goods by the customer will be a confirmation of its physical health.
– Orders that are shipped by courier or exceed 300 dollar, need to be settled by card or card payment online before shipping.

– Order delivery is not possible in public places such as cafes, cafes, restaurants, hotels and so on and the delivery address must be accurate and reliable.

Express mail serviceis intended for orders outside of Tehran. After order processing and delivery to post, approximate delivery time is 24 to 72 business hours depending on geographical and destination destinations.

If you are waiting for your order to be delivered by post service, you can follow the post through the post company website at:

– If shipping is subject to costs (orders below 100,000 toman in express delivery or orders shipped via Express mail Service or TIPAX) the shipping cost will be included in the invoice and any additional shipping costs will be considered the violation. If you find such items, please notify the Sales Mamal by email at

If you need more information about offices and freight costs, see the Freight Forwarding section below.

Shipping to bulk and heavy goods to cities will be shipped by freight (freight charge on delivery).