Payment Methods


1-   Online payment

All Mamal users can register their order online and pay in the shopping cart while registering, online through Saman and Parsian Banks portal on Mamal website. Successful payment of the amount constitutes a definite record of this payment for the order and does not need to be notified and the order is automatically entered into the preparation and shipping process.

Note that the consignee must have a mobile ID when receiving the order.

It should be noted that online payment creates priority and speeds up the processing of users’ orders.

– How to pay online

Dear users of Mamal site, you can pay for your order using all acceleration network bank cards. Now, with the cards of National Banks, Export, Parsian, Saman, Modern Economy, Pasargad, Nation, Agriculture, Export Development, Industry and Mine, Sina Bank and Entrepreneur, you can shop online. When you pay online, you will be asked the following information that you will know about the success of your payment operations after you enter them and confirm payment.

1) 16-digit card number

This number is listed on the card of all banks.

2- Internet Purchase or Second Password

To pay online, you need to have your bank card already activated.

The second password (Internet shopping password) is different from the password you enter when using your ATM. Some banks, such as Saman Bank, usually provide the password when issuing a card, but most banks do not have an Internet Purchase Code at the time of delivery, you can go to your card issuing bank’s ATM to activate it. Enter your card and select the Password Operations section. Then, in the Second Password or Internet Password section, select your password.

3- CVV2 code

This code is a 3 or 4 digit number printed on the back or on credit cards and online payments is used as a security code. This code is on the cards of the Banks of Mellat, Saderat, Pasargad, Saman, Parsian Banks, etc. and is printed on a 3-digit number, or on some cards.

4- Expiry date

The expiration date is also printed on most bank cards. If there is no expiration date on your card, you can use the number 12 instead of the month and 99 instead of the expiration year.

2- Payment on delivery

Respected users are advised to pay online to speed up order processing. However, for the convenience of those customers who are willing to pay for their order when receiving it, Mamal has also provided the option to have their delivery address in Tehran or one of the cities covered and Customer will pay the cost when ordering, in one of the following ways.

It should be noted that orders shipped by shipment or in excess of thirty million riyals must be settled by internet payment prior to shipment.

– Payment by bank card at the place of delivery

Since all ordering agents carry mobile digital card reader (POS) devices, you can make your payment by using network member cards when you place an order.

– Cash on delivery

For the convenience of those customers who are willing to pay cash for their order, Mamal has also provided on-site cash payment.

3-   Pay card to card

Users who are not able to pay online through Mamal Gateway or pay on-site can pay their order by card number stated in this section. ATMs can be used for card-to-card payments, or Internet-based cards. However, payment through the online payment gateway of Mamal site is easier and faster due to its high level of automation, and Mamal recommends using this method of payment.



– If the order payment is made online, the ordering recipient must have a valid ID card, such as a national card, when receiving the goods.

– Dear customers are advised to pay online to speed up order processing.

– Orders that are shipped by courier or exceed thirty million rials need to be settled by card or card payment online before shipping.

-It should be noted, dear customers can pay card-to-card payment or pay at site currently and this limitation will be solved as soon as possible.