Warranty Of Originality & Original Guarantee

Mamal online store only original goods
Mamal owns originality guarantee for all its products and offers them by valid and reliable guarantee. Since Mamal just cooperates with valid firms and legal merchandise to supply presented items on website, customers would be sure to purchase items by valid & hologram stickers and without any distortions that they are imported through legal custom.
Mamal : only original guarantee
All Mamal products are guaranteed by official agents who are representative of mentioned brand in Iran and they are imported through legal origin and essential certificates.
It should be noted after delivery to customer and disuse within7 days of returning products guarantee, if product has any failure or problem, guaranteed company is responsible for review and Mamal has no liability for this problem. So all presentedproducts in Mamal online store are original and used or fake products will not sale in Mamal online store at all. Then whole available products in Mamal website are guaranteed by Mamal.